Of UX anti-patterns #0

It’s all about user experience. When you develop anything, not necessarily even computer-related, you’ve to think about the people using it.

This is especially true if there will be someone who uses it daily. Often, due to our laziness, we leave things we could’ve made automatic manual. We make a guesswork out of our interfaces, hoping users would figure it out.

It concerns me we often call a UX expert someone who is doing Photoshop to align a website’s buttons. This person might be fond of colours and know what Google or Apple think it’s best for usability, but that’s not enough. Not everything will pass through this person’s review, nor it has to. And that’s because everyone who creates something should be a user experience designer.

To combat bad user experience contributed by makers all around, I’ll be writing the occasional post on bad UX I’ve stumbled upon in my everyday life. So I’ll be killing two birds with one stone: venting out my daily frustration, and educating myself on better user experience.