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All texts on this website are by blog author Ivaylo (Ivo) Marinkov.

However, the same does not go for all of images and photographs used, as I’m neither a photographer nor illustrator. I rely on the Internet to find images suitable to the themes I write on. With the Internet being so full of things, it is not always possible for me to discover who an image or photo’s author really is. This is why this site may contain a creation of yours but not credit you as its original author. This is not my intention and if you find such an image here, please accept my apologies and send me an email at ivo аt tsarstva dоt bg (or you can leave me a comment in the form below). Then, at your request, the image can either be removed or you can be credited as its author.

I’d also like to note that is non-profit. It’s just a personal website, hosting no ads, meaning I am not making money of your content.

Thank you.

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  1. It is really hard to find the author when a picture is reused 3-4 times. That’s why painters put a signature on their paintings, and not just hope people to behave honest and not claim their rights.

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